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February 27, 2018




The human body has 7 energy centres, known as chakras. Reiki healing focusses on the chakras.


Each chakra relates to specific parts of the human body. Any ailments and physical dysfunctions are felt here; and each energy centre governs our mental and emotional state. Reiki works to balance the body mind and spirit by accessing the chakras.


When we have a physical pain, it exists as a weaknesses in our body. When we relax, it can undo any tightness or stiffness over time. The problem becomes more persistent if we are stressed, or failing to relax. Working with reiki therapists helps to condition your mind and body to relax, heal, and sustain any repairs to your entire body.


The clearing of the chakra's blocked energy using reiki can also balance our emotional state of mind. If there are any fears or negative emotions we are holding on to, we may experience physical restrictions, and ailments. These are signals our bodies give us to remind us to take better care of ourselves.

Reiki healing can become a good habit to continue as it regularly turns up your chakras to keep you pain free.



If you have muscle aches or are in any other type of pain, your reiki therapist can establish which chakra is affected or blocked.


It may take more than one reiki healing session to address chakra blockages, but over time, you'll feel a renewed sense of vitality.




A persistent case of migraines sent Pauline* to seek reiki healing sessions with us.


After a consultation and taking her medical history we ruled out any allergies, her medications were up to date, and she was being treated by a Doctor.


After six reiki healing sessions, Pauline suddenly didn't have migraines any more. Pauline described the feeling as being 'lifted out of herself, and into a calm, serene, peace, that lasted all day.'


Where she'd been taking three or four migraine relief pills a day, she slowly stopped relying on them, until she had her first pain-free day at work.


Not only was Pauline migraine - free but she also reported sleeping well, a first for her, and feeling excited about exercising.


Pauline had felt trapped by her migraines, having to stay in bed with the blinds drawn as the pain was too severe.


Contact us if you'd like more information on reiki healing and how it may help you.





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