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May 30, 2018




One of the most popular questions about reiki we receive is about distance reiki healing. 


Distance reiki works just as well as in person, and often it serves as an additional form of treatment if you've had an in-person reiki healing session before.


The power of reiki is immense. The very fact that the energy can travel from a reiki practitioner to another person anywhere in the world never fails to amaze us.


When we receive feedback from distance reiki healing clients, it is always about how the energy gently came to the client, and how the experience was positive,and uplifting, and helped to ease their situation.


Reiki healing is intuitive; the reiki energy flows to where healing is required in the human body. The client may complain of persistent back ache but healing may be required elsewhere in the body.


The fact that the pain receptors in the client's back are being activated is purely a signal from the client's body that some healing is required.




Devendran* contacted us with what he thought was a slipped disc. He was already on several pain medications; but wasn't feeling better, and was now unable to sleep laying on his back. This situation had continued for several months before he sought alternative pain treatment from us.


When we worked on Devendran's back it was painful for him. He had to roll onto his side before we could even start working with him. 


During his third reiki session with us, Devendran fell asleep. He was so completely relaxed that we were able to begin crucial work on his chakras to deeply and gently start to restore their energy function.


When Devendran woke up, he felt refreshed but his back pain was still there for a couple more days afterwards. He was booked for six sessions in total. His last session with us was a little easier for him to manage, and he walked away smiling and happy.

When he checked in with us a couple of days later he was pain free; and had slept well for three days since his reiki healing treatment with us ended.


Devendran told us that he felt so alive again now, and rejuvenated, and was telling us about how he had resumed his meditation practices once more now he was pain free. He had been miserable after being unable to stay seated for long periods of time to meditate.


His excitement and enthusiasm for reiki healing and our work is a true testament to reiki healing's real value.


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